Intelligent solution for the mobility of tomorrow

Sie sind für die optimierte Mobilität in Ihrer Stadt verantwortlich und stehen vor einer der folgenden Herausforderungen:


  • You want a city with fewer cars?
  • Compliance with the limit values for air pollutants is also a problem for you and you would like to avoid driving bans?
  • The performance of your transport system can hardly be increased?
  • There are almost no free parking spaces in your city?


Then your search ends today! We have the solution to your problem!


Let us inspire you!


Now tackle the task together.

The solution is called Zeitmiles

With our Zeitmiles bonus system, we reward mobility decisions that help to equalize traffic flows and reward flexible mobility behavior.


Advantages for cities and municipalities


  • Targeted traffic optimization
  • Less pollutant emissions
  • Intelligent use of infrastructure

Advantages for users


  • Time saving especially for commuters
  • Less stress, more relaxation
  • Unique incentive system

Functions of the Zeitmiles App


"Your best way"


Wouldn't it be great to get through the city or to work as quickly as possible without major traffic jams and still not have to use any sneak paths or the traffic-calmed areas past kindergartens and schools? That is exactly the goal of Zeitmiles: Everyday mobility intelligently influenced for the common good. Get suggestions for your alternative route already the evening before. Maybe you only have to leave 10 minutes earlier or later to reach your destination 20 minutes faster and without having to take detours or new routes.


Configuration portal

"All important data at a glance"


Here you can maintain your master data yourself and are therefore not dependent on a hotline or business hours. Simply log in and change.


Reward Shop

"Welcome to the online store"


Here you can exchange your Zeitmiles for a reward of your choice, or would you prefer a new ticket for public transport? Of course, you can also donate your Zeitmiles to a good cause. Simply choose from the rewards on offer.

As an incentive provider, you are free to choose the rewards to be awarded. We will be happy to advise you on this!



"Zeitmiles is the name of the bonus points"


Collect "Zeitmiles" for using the app, which will be credited to your points account. The more Zeitmiles you have, the bigger your incentive will be, which you can choose in the store.

As an incentive provider, you have a free choice of incentives. We will be happy to advise you here!



"Join the next challenge"


Collect extra Zeitmiles in a challenge such as "Bike around town" or rather "Collect for the environment"... there are no limits to the ideas for your own challenges.

Compare yourself with your friends, club colleagues or roommates. The additional Zeitmiles earned can be exchanged for a bonus directly in the store or donated to a good cause.



"Show us your Zeitmiles"


On the dashboard in your company or in your city, you can see where you rank with your accumulated Zeitmiles, provided of course that you want to. This way you can quickly see how many Zeitmiles you are still missing for 1st pla



"You have one new message"


Our communication tool notifies you of important events or you can communicate with others in closed user groups. This way you won't miss anything and at the same time you can encourage friends, acquaintances and work colleagues to behave in an environmentally conscious way. You can also report traffic incidents or hazards and thus help others.


Our safety and quality promise

Our vision

Our vision is to implement the sustainability strategy of the United Nations, the European Union, the German federal government and the German states. In doing so, we want to take responsibility. Together with you, we want to


  • the promotion of environmentally friendly forms of mobility
  • Compliance with the limit values for air pollutants
  • equalize the flow of traffic
  • the switch from private cars to public transport
  • the reduction of parking lot search traffic
  • Fun in changing our mobility behavior

Through technological networking of information, Zeitmiles makes a concrete contribution to sustainable mobility.


Why you should use Zeitmiles now

Excessive pollutant emissions
can be expensive (EU fine)


Relieving traffic congestion is
The task of politics and authorities


You gain important insights
on urban development


Contact us!

We would be happy to show you the Zeitmiles app in a free demo and discuss the benefits you can generate for yourself as well.

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